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Posted by 04.23.13

Men are obsessed by it. Women are embarrassed by it. Hair loss affects over 50 million Americans, including over 45% of the female population amounting to 20+ million women.

It’s not just considered unsightly and aging; hair loss has a huge psychological impact on how people feel about themselves. But there is something we can do about it. Hormonal changes are one of the key causes of hair loss in women. Menopause, for example, can make hair grow slower and fall out too due to estrogen iron deficiency. Thyroid disease is amongst the top causes too. So just to be clear, do go and see your general practitioner if you are experiencing hair loss that is not related to medical treatme

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JEFFREY EPSTEIN MD FACS – Foundation for Hair Restoration

Posted by 02.21.10

Meet the Hair Guru 

And by hair guru, we don’t mean king of the latest hairstyles and colors. We mean the surgeon who gives men and women across the globe natural growth when all other efforts have failed. Dr. Epstein is the Founder and Director of the Foundation for Hair Restoration, with nearly two decades of experience as a hair restoration surgeon and a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is renowned for his ability to use the smallest possible recipient sites to help hair transplant patients of both genders achieve the greatest possible density and the quickest recovery time.


How many procedures does it take to help a patient

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