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Posted by 04.29.16

On a recent holiday, I found myself checking out the fish tanks in Buddha Gallery & Spa, a boutique/spa I like to frequent when I find myself in Sayulita, Mexico. Though this store usually lightens my bag by more than a few pesos thanks to its gorgeously curated selection of jewelry, clothing, and textiles, it was the fish in the tanks that caused me to stop and pause this time. You see, they were chock full of garra rufa fish, beloved for their skillful nibbling on dry, dead skin. I’d been wanting to try this foot treatment since I’d first heard about it, when the first fish spa opened in the U.S. back in 2008.

Garra rufa fish are attracted to any dry, dead or flaky skin, bu

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Posted by 10.10.11

This week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY is just what your skin needs as we head into winter. It’s an assortment of Curel body lotions plus hand and foot creams (a $33 value), perfect for fending off the drying affects of the seasonal cold.
The giveaway gift includes:
Curel Ultra Healing Lotion: a deeply restorative moisturizer that not only locks in moisture, but also heals and protects for 24 hours, providing round-the-clock relief.
Curel Itch Defense Lotion: relieves itchiness by working  to rebalance four essential components of healthy skin – moisture, the barrier function, cell turnover (flakiness) and pH balance.
Curel Daily Moisture Lotion: a time-release moisturizer

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FOOT WARE – Winterize Your Soles

Posted by 02.07.10

As one of the most active parts of your body, your feet are programmed to take a beating from wearing heels, trekking on sidewalks, and waking bare foot on hard wood floors. Dry, cold weather makes it much worse and contributes to calluses, cracked heels and dead cell buildup.

Best bet for cracking, callused soles is exfoliation daily or every other day, to avoid dead skin from building up.

Soak your feet in warm water and throw in some soothing lavender or rosemary oil for about 10 minutes.
After your feet have soaked, use a pumice stone to smooth out small mounds of dead skin, being careful not to rub off healthy skin in the process
For thicker, rough areas, use a callus fil

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Date: 06.06.09

Butter London Stiletto Stick – If you hate dry heels and cracks, this product is the best way to go! I never wear heals, so the title of stiletto stick for this product wasn’t immediately appealing to me.  What was appealing though is that it was highly recommended to help make my feet soft.  I have feeling like my ankles and heels are rough.  This stick (it kind of goes on like a deodorant) is such a dream.  It may be a little “greasy”, but it is definitely worth it.  And it will last forever, because you only use a tiny bit at any time.   

Final Verdict: GGI (Gotta Get It) – Soft silky heels and ankles without having to go to the spa! Great packaging too – love the black theme going on. If you need a great gift for a well heeled friend, try the Pedicure Collection Trio ($58) that contains Stiletto Stick, Silk Stockings, and Pumps, 3 of Butter London’s signature treats for feet, in a stunning black floral gift box.


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