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Posted by 12.23.13

Our new Gorgeous Giveaway will help you achieve a key beauty goal: smooth and hair free legs. This week we have one (1) grand prize: the Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal Device, which has a retail value of $279!!! This is a light based system, which eliminates unwanted hair painlessly and provides permanent results.

The Flash&Go works by administering gentle pulses of light to the hair shaft, which disables hair growth. Light energy is absorbed by the hair follicles while the surrounding tissue remains a normal temperature.

The system is designed to work on large (full legs), small areas (underarms), or sensitive areas (bikini line). Follow the prescribed treatment prot

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Posted by 08.29.12

Professional, permanent hair removal seems like a dream come true, until you check out the price. Defuzzing your legs can run into thousands of dollars, requiring half a dozen visits to the doctor or esthetician to banish hair forever. Thankfully, at-home options exist at a much more reasonable price point.

Flash&Go ($299) is a permanent hair removal device from Silk’n that uses Home Pulse Light™ (HPL) to target body and facial hair. A type of light energy, HPL is absorbed by the color pigment in your hair and then converted into heat, ultimately disabling hair growth without affecting the surrounding skin. Like professional laser treatments, this process requires multiple applica

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