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Date: 03.13.09



DERMADOCTOR POETRY IN LOTION INTENSIVE RETIONL 1.0 – I have long been a big fan of retinol for its anti-wrinkle benefits.  Retinol sometimes gets a bad rap because it can cause irritation in some skin types, especially when used without the benefit of sun protection. This variation is particularly non-irritating.  The intention is to offer retinol in a strength that actually works but in a delivery system that is easy to use for most skin types. I think they nailed it! The studies on retinol have proven its age reversing effectiveness, and have also shown that it helps with sun spots and discoloration with continued use. Even if you are prone to sensitivities, if you use this in small doses, applied sparingly to a clean, dry face, every other night, you can gradually bump up your usage to daily.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Nicely formulated product with good skin benefits.


Date: 03.09.09


KIEHLS ABYSSINE CREAM – Abyssine, according to Kiehls, is a “survival molecule” that comes from the sea. It is combined with Coralline Extract, another sea element derived from red algae to reverse wrinkles. The de-aging mission in this face cream is to fight free radicals with these mineral rich oceanic components and antioxidants. Although I have heard this is a popular Kiehls product, and there are many die hard Kiehls fans out there, I found this cream to be far too heavy, even for my dry skin. It is thick and for me at least, doesnt absorb as beautifully as other anti-aging creams in my medicine cabinet. The texture is also not what I consider refined or luxurious. There is an SPF version of Abyssine Cream for those of you who want to use it for daytime.

FINAL VERDICT – ICW (IT CAN WAIT) – For $45 its not too bad price wise but it just doesn’t compel me to get it again.


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