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Posted by 04.06.12

Moving beyond the typical eye mask, Nuvo Visage Hot Ice Therapy Mask is designed to cover the full face. A versatile product, it can be used cold or hot to offer a variety of benefits.

Like most eye masks, when used cold Nuvo Visage reduces puffiness, particularly the kind resulting from a fun but late night on the town. It also minimizes the appearance of large pores, tightens the skin and preps complexions for makeup application. The full face mask is ideal for use after cosmetic procedures such as surgery, fillers and peels. It’s even been known to help with migraines and a hot flash or two.

The reusable mask can also be used hot – just pull a tab and it goes from co

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Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

Posted by 01.30.12

Treasured around the world for its energizing and yes, libido boosting effect, ginseng also adds an invigorating component to face, body and hair products. You may be familiar with its energizing power from tea and other drinks like Red Bull. The pretty red-flowering plant is used for numerous beauty products, while the less gorgeous root is harvested for medicinal purposes. The green leaves, however, provide the most potent component for cosmetics. From shampoo to lifting serums – all of which are designed to harness the magical zing this plant provides for energizing and nourishing – beauty products featuring ginseng may just add the zip you need this time of year.


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