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Date: 07.28.10

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

L’ORÉAL PARIS CLEAN ARTISTE WATERPROOF & LONG WEARING EYE MAKEUP REMOVERNothing is worse than unsuccessful late night eye makeup removal efforts, and waterproof and long wearing formulas are notoriously stubborn.  Sure, I want my eye makeup to stay put if I’m feeling a little misty, working up a sweat or getting caught in the rain, but when I say ‘it’s time to go’ I need something that does all of the heavy lifting while sparing the delicate skin around my eyes.  L’Oréal Paris has successfully addressed this concern with Clean Artiste Waterproof & Long Wearing Eye Makeup Remover.  I was impressed by its ability to remove waterproof mascara with a gentle swipe of a cotton pad and surprised that a product so effective didn’t leave the oily residue that so many others do.  Better still, Clean Artiste is safe for sensitive eyes.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) – At $7 for 4 oz., this little bottle is a great value.  My only gripe is the bottle design, which can be a little challenging to open.  The top is meant to prevent accidental leaks, which it surely will, so all is forgiven.  Clean Artiste is my new go-to eye makeup remover.



Date: 04.04.09


DR ANDREW WEIL FOR ORIGINS PLANTIDOTE MEGA MUSHROOM EYE MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES:  These pads are absolutely great to use anytime to refresh tired, sore, swollen eyes in a flash. They are also great for your whole face to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and grime, except for the small round size and shape. My one complaint is the massive round plastic container that does not seem to fit within such an eco conscious brand. I would love to see these in small portable packets to carry around, and/or a refillable container.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – These pads are soft and fresh, and leave your eyes clean from makeup, mascara, and dirt without any irritation.


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