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Photo Credit: Deathtostock

Posted by 05.18.18

Lighter than oxygen and the air we breathe, hydrogen has begun quietly throwing its weight around in the beauty and wellness worlds. The Japanese have long been drinking and bathing in water infused with this element. Korean beauty brands have embraced it as well, but only now is it starting to flow into a variety of products on this side of the world. From topical skincare to supercharged drinks, could hydrogen be the next big thing?

According to New York City dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Brauer, “There is data in the scientific literature to support the idea that molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant, and more specifically may protect cells from UVB-induced inflammation and damage

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Posted by 06.26.12

So far, the summer of 2012 is shaping up to be a hot one. Record-breaking temperatures have already engulfed the country sending us scrambling to find easy ways to cool off. Don’t have time in your busy schedule to take a dip in a pool or journey up to northern Canada? Don’t worry; this collection of easy-to-use cooling products has you covered.

Face and body mists are a great way to get a refreshing on-the-go spritz. With just one spray, they provide a revitalizing burst of hydration that will get you moving again when the stifling heat has you feeling sluggish; they also have moisturizing properties that can help repair skin that’s been dried out or damaged under th

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La Prairie’s Multi-Purpose, Marine-Based Magical Emulsion

Posted by 10.07.11

I can’t believe no one ever thought of this before – a multi-purpose eye and day cream. La Prairie has just released Advanced Marine Biology Revitalizing Emulsion ($135) – and wonders of wonders it’s formulated as a moisturizer to be used on the face, neck…and eyes. What a fabulous invention. Just think about the travel opportunities.

That’s exactly what Céline Cousteau, Founder of CauseCentri Productions and granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Cousteau had in mind when she worked with La Prairie as the Special Ambassador for the Advanced Marine Biology Collection. “I wanted something easy. I wanted something travelable,” she sa

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Photo Credit: DermaConcepts.com

Posted by 06.20.11

PRODUCT: Environ C-Quence Eye Gel

If you, like most women would love to diminish pesky crow’s feet and other wrinkles around the eyes, here's a review of C-Quence Eye Gel ($75.99), part of Environ’s results driven Ionzyme skincare range. Created by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes, this light gel formula is specially formulated for use on the delicate and sensitive eye area. And like all Environ products, it features Dr. Fernandes’ signature cocktail of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, additional antioxidants as well as peptides to protect the skin against damage from exposure to UV and other stressors of modern day life.

The gel contains three peptides - Argireline, Matrixyl, and Dermaxyl, which have been scientifically proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. They work in synergy with vitamins A, C and E to give firmer, smoother, and healthier skin. It also contains soybean and rosemary extracts. While C-Quence Eye Gel fights the ravages of UV, take note, this product does not contain sunscreen. The company advices that you use a broad spectrum sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using the gel – or anytime – for that matter.

Usage of this light textured and odorless gel is easy – simply apply morning and evening around the eyes. It’s suitable for all skin types and ages. In addition to helping improve the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, the gel assists in moisturizing the area.

Environ skincare is available at med-spas and physician offices.



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