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Date: 11.13.09


Photo Credit: Etretouchy.com

Etre Touchy Gloves – The winter wonderland is decidedly less wonderful when your feel constrained by your gloves. While this cleverly designed pair is being marketed as freeing up “two fingers to technology” (to use your iphone or ipod, for example) my initial instinct upon trying them on was to giddily declare, “Finally a way to apply and re-apply makeup in the winter, without the need to take off my gloves!” And while it is nothing new that women go to great lengths for beauty, you can feel a bit less vain knowing that these gloves serve a few functional purposes — updating your playlist, sending your friend a text message, as well as dabbing on a bit of extra concealer under your eyes after a long day at work. Granted, these gloves have two exposed fingers each, so you will only be partially covered from the elements. This is an important consideration if you suffer from a condition like Raynaud’s disease, and I would certainly not recommending exposing yourself to freezing temperatures with bare fingers if you can avoid it. But if you don’t mind the moderate cold, it is a modern alternative to the on-off ritual most of us play with our gloves during the chilly months.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – The UK-based company ships worldwide. Good news for us beauty junkies across the pond. An added bonus, these cozy wool gloves offer an extra buffer between your bare hands and tube/subway poles. And they are quite fashionable to boot.


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