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FOOT WARE – Winterize Your Soles

Posted by 02.07.10

As one of the most active parts of your body, your feet are programmed to take a beating from wearing heels, trekking on sidewalks, and waking bare foot on hard wood floors. Dry, cold weather makes it much worse and contributes to calluses, cracked heels and dead cell buildup.

Best bet for cracking, callused soles is exfoliation daily or every other day, to avoid dead skin from building up.

Soak your feet in warm water and throw in some soothing lavender or rosemary oil for about 10 minutes.
After your feet have soaked, use a pumice stone to smooth out small mounds of dead skin, being careful not to rub off healthy skin in the process
For thicker, rough areas, use a callus fil

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Posted by 04.23.09


Dreaming of the right to live in flip flops? Are you counting down the days to sandal season with the same relish as your kids have for the last day of school? Summer is nearly here and that means strippy heels and open toed slingbacks are coming out of the closet.

Finally, a chance to let your feet breathe after months of confinement! But if the idea of baring your toes keeps you shivering in knee high boots long into spring, you’re not alone. Women tend to be very hard on our feet, from squeezing them into torturously high heels and narrow points to pounding the pavement in shoes that lack the proper arch support. Years of trekking can give you a lot of pain, and leave your f

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