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Photo Credit: wallstreetdermatology.com

Posted by 05.03.15

Wall Street, or The Street as it is sometimes called, is a fairly intense place to be when the market is open. As the Dow Jones industrial average rises and falls so to do the moods of power brokers and their entourages. The typical broker is sharp looking and sharp talking and is under a lot of pressure to stay that way (without looking like he or she has had any work, of course). Dermatologist Julia Tzu, MD, the founder and Medical Director of Wall Street Dermatology, knows the ins and outs of her clientele, and as such has gained their confidence and respect by helping them look young and refreshed despite the pressures of such a fast-paced career in the financial capitol of the world.

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Posted by 05.25.14

When most of us think about dermatology, we think skin care products, acne, injectables, and other anti-aging techniques, not necessarily microscopes, skin samples, and pathology, but that is where Clay Cockerell, MD, shines. This specialty is called dermatopathology, and Cockerell, a past president of the American Association of Dermatology, has trained more than 100 dermatopathology fellows in the last 20 years, many of whom are now leaders in this field.

Cockerell, who practices at the University of Texas Southwestern General Dermatology Clinic in Dallas, talked to Beauty in the Bag about this niche and some of the advances that he has helped to pioneer.


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