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Posted by 11.01.13

Once upon a time, primers were considered just that: the first steps to your makeup routine. Smashbox Cosmetics’ Photo Finish was a big hit (and still is), because of the way it could go on smooth as silk on skin with its silicone ingredients.

But now, primer options have moved well past smooth and silicone-infused. The notion of a primer as merely prepping a canvas for makeup is so 2010—primers today serve to correct skin tone, texture, and even makeup. Here are a few that are upping the ante.

Clinique Superprimers ($27 each)

From correcting skin dullness to counteracting redness, each Clinique Superprimer tackles a problem one by one. There are six Superprimers—one U

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Photo Credit: sephora.com

Posted by 08.23.13

Can you truly get 30 times the vitamin C of an orange from a CC cream?

The answer is yes you can, and very effectively. With the new Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream ($48), you get color correcting benefits along with the benefits of an unusual ingredient called camu camu, which has been known to pack more vitamin C than an acerola cherry.

This is the first time I’ve heard of an exclusive and rare ingredient included in a CC cream. In fact, the packaging advertises it right on the side flap. Camu camu is infused into the formulation along with arbutin to help even out skin tone, and the combination makes sense for a CC cream. This tube accomplishes everything: color correction, hydration,

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