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KATIE BORGHESE – Casa di Francesca

Posted by 08.16.09

Meet the Home Fragrance Royal

Katie Borghese’s sumptuous Casa di Francesca line looks and smells like a trip to the Mediterranean in high style. With its exquisite design and an inspired history that draws from Katie’s heritage in design and beauty, it is difficult not to be seduced by the sheer elegance of these home fragrance pieces. The brand also has a philanthropic bent, supporting charities ranging from The Breast Cancer Network of Strength to The Somerset Hills Handicapped Riding Center. Prepare yourself to be transported, and for a good cause.


How did your interior design background, your family’s beauty background and your Italian h

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Date: 07.21.09


Casa di Francesca Home Fragrance – Thanks to our beauty savvy reviews, you already smell divine — but what about the air you breathe? Surrounding oneself with beauty goes a long way toward feeling beautiful. To that end, have I got a find for you: Casa di Francesca makes exotic scents that are reminiscent of decadent world travels. With names like Bulgarian Primrose and Gardenia Di Provence, it’s no surprise the line has a regal lineage: It mirrors old world Italy, including the celebrated Borghese Gardens of Rome. The packaging and look of the product itself is also beyond sumptuous. Inspired by the four seasons, Casa di Francesca brings a hint of classic European excellence through an array of Italian-made diffuser fragrances and hand crafted accessories.  Created by the stylish Katie Borghese (love watching her on HSN, check her out on Aug 9th -10th) and inspired by a true Renaissance woman, Francesca (one of the few women to tour Europe via the Grand Tour in the late 1600’s), this diffuser will give any room in your home (large or small) a welcoming spirit of enchantment and romance.  We hear that the home fragrances are made in the same Italian factories that make scents for Chanel and Bvlgari…The good news is, this slice of luxury isn’t out of price range. But since the fragrances are long-lasting, it may take you a while to sample all the gorgeous scents…

Final Verdict – RDW (Run Don’t Walk) to HSN for the starter kit, which includes a beautiful Italian glass diffuser bottle, a silk colored ribbon with a hand crafted pewter bead, and a separate 200ml plastic bottle. At $24.50 it’s a great price point for a home that smells like heaven…or at the very least, a royal European tour.


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