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Posted by 11.20.13

A gorgeous well-groomed brow does wonders. It opens up the eyes and helps define features.

But, many of us may be sporting the wrong eye brow shape for our face type. We talked with owner Malynda Vigliotti of New York City’s Boom Boom Brow Bar, on how to get the right brow shape for your face type and ways to keep brows looking fab this holiday season.

“A properly groomed brow highlights the good and downplays the bad—it’s the perfect non-surgical tweak you can do to brighten up and look younger,” says Vigliotti. There are so many options with eyebrows—thick, thin, dark, natural, arched and straight—and the right shape can bring out your b

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Posted by 12.03.11

Do your brows have the WOW factor? For many of us, eyebrows are an afterthought. But perfectly shaped eyebrows can transform your look and take years off your face – like a eyelift with a tweezer.

“For eyebrows to look naturally beautiful, you have to work with the brow shape you were born with,” says makeup artist Tonya Crooks of L.A.’s Mirror Mirror Beauty Studio. “Most brows are either an arc, like Madonna, an arch, like Eva Mendes or straight, like Natalie Portman’s.”

Tonya suggests that you have brows waxed professionally to determine the best shape. Then accentuate with light strokes using a brow pencil or brow powder. To help you add pizzazz

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