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Photo Credit: Biobliss

Posted by 07.15.11

PRODUCT: Biobliss Patch

I’m all for new technology, especially when it’s painless. That’s why I was so excited to try the new Biobliss Patch from Isis Biopolymer. Biobliss is a transdermal patch that quickly delivers anti-wrinkle ingredients to the skin in just one hour. The patch is designed to reduce wrinkles on the forehead and the effect is remarkable – it greatly minimized my lines – and lasts for three to five days.

The process is entirely painless and a great alternative to Botox. I’ve always been rather wary of Botox – the pain associated with the injections and the cost. No discomfort at all is associated with Biobliss. And the application is super easy. First you wash the forehead area with the supplied Face Cleanser Towelette and pat dry thoroughly. Next you apply the patch just above the eyebrows. Slightly space age-like, the patch has a tab with a tiny light on it, which blinks green when the patch has been activated upon proper application. With activation, two tiny electrodes begin to deliver the ingredients of a clinically proven hydrogel to the skin’s surface. When the treatment is finished, the green light will stop blinking. At that point, remove the patch and use the supplied Hydrating Lotion Towelette to moisturize the treatment area.

As I said, the results are remarkable. Active ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, proven to enhance tissue repair and cellular hydration; Acetyl Hexapeptide, which reduces the intensity of facial muscle contractions to reduce the formation of wrinkles; and Vitamin B5, a powerful antioxidant that reduces cell damage and promotes tissue healing and moisturizing.

I will definitely continue to use the patch, particularly before special events. While I won’t be trying Botox soon, I understand that Biobliss is great to use between treatments. For more information, visit www.biobliss.com, where the patches are available to purchase at the price of $99 for four.



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