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Posted by 04.17.13

Beauty drinks are all the rage in Asia and in Europe, and now they are even popping up here in the US.

Instead of undergoing laser resurfacing to help replenish your body’s natural collagen stores, you can gulp some collagen-enriched beverages. Products include Black Fungus Collagen Drink, Red Collagen Youth Drink, and Glowelle’s line of beauty drinks. Even Coca Cola is getting in on the game with the Beautific Oenobiol brand.

But before you drink to that. Do these products really deliver on their promises? And more importantly, how do they taste?

Many U.S. beauty and nutrition experts say the science is sketchy, and that there are far better ways to improve skin hea

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Posted by 11.30.09

Beauty Drinks Bring New Glow to Skincare

By Editor-At-Large Dorene Kaplan

Glowelle’s Raspberry Jasmine 7-Day kit, sold at Neiman Marcus

Photo Credit: Glowelle

I don’t like strange foods. I used to consider myself an adventurous eater until I realized that just meant I liked Mexican food–and growing up in Los Angeles, that wasn’t much of a stretch.

Needless to say, I don’t eat okra or even Mexican hot chocolate—so when drinkable beauty products began flooding the market, I gave them the ole escargot heave-ho. But after meeting Kimberly Cooper, chief beauty officer of Glowelle, at last fall’s HBA Global Expo conference in New York City,

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