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Posted by 07.14.14

Akin to our Independence Day, Bastille Day—July 14—officially known as French National Day, celebrates the success of the French Revolution, particularly the storming of the Bastille, a prison/fort that housed political prisoners.  That event paved the road to France becoming a republic and the famous slogan: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.  In France, the day is commemorated with the country’s oldest military parade, and Francophiles around the globe raise a glass a don a beret in celebration.

In addition to revolution, the French knack for beauty is appreciated far beyond the country’s doors. Here are some French beauty products that we love deserve to be worn during this unique

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Posted by 07.14.09

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet !
To celebrate this bit of French history, BEAUTYINTHEBAG wants to highlight our 14 favourite French beauty brands. It was a tough choice of course, as France is synonymous with so many beautiful  brands:

CHANEL – For classic No. 5 and the divine Glossimer too!

DIOR – For the big fat black brush of Dior Show Mascara Lash Out

SISLEY – For the most luxurious golden vials of skin serum, Sisleya Elixir

CLARINS – Merci boucoup for Liquid Bronze, the ultimate self tanning milk

LANCOME – For Bienfait Multi Vital SPF30, the perfect daily moisturizer plus protection

GUERLAIN – For the ultimate in fake tans au naturale, Terracotta

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