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Date: 08.03.12

Are you tired of people asking you if you’ve had a late night because of dark under eye circles? Never fun, dark circles at their best make you look tired and at their worse add years to your age. We’ve heard all about the possible causes – fatigue, stress, dehydration etc. are all avid contributors – but chances are you still haven’t found the product to address these issues.

Clinique scientists have found that melanin accumulation is a large component of the pigment causing those pesky circles; so, if you’re thinking darker skin tones have more of a likelihood to exhibit these circles, you’re correct. According to a Clinique focus group of over 600 women across various ethnicities, women cited dark circles as a prime reason for self-consciousness and lack of confidence, driving them to hide behind concealer.

Enter Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector ($39.50), which Clinique is launching on the heels of its wildly successful Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, which aims to correct uneven skin tone. The eye corrector, housed in a sleek white tube with a cooling metal tip applicator just like their must-have Lid Smoothies, is gentle and cooling, and promises to lighten the entire eye area (as much as 30% in 12 weeks).

Its ingredients include vitamin C and mulberry root, as well as anti-irritating ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract. One of the causes for dark circles, according to scientists at Clinique, includes swelling,  hence the ingredient phytosphingosine, which is anti-inflammatory. Other ingredients help build structural support and barrier strength including linoleic acid and cholesterol, while whey protein promotes skin’s natural collagen production. The immediately transforming Transluscent Options Technology captures light to give you the instant appearance of skin tone perfection, and also serves to brighten the skin.

Plus -  the revolutionary cooling tip applicator gives your eyes an instant lift? Because you can use the tip to massage the eyes, it helps with circulation problems that contribute to circles.

The verdict: does it work? After having tried it for four weeks, I was very pleased with the results, which included instant brightening of the under eye area, as well as a significant decrease in the “raccoon eyes look” in a few weeks. The product launches in stores and online mid-August.



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