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Photo Credit: depositphotos.com

Posted by 11.10.16

With cooler weather upon us, odds are your skin is starting to feel the effects. Prevention goes a long way when it comes to the symptom of winter skin, and you want to up the hydration ante well before you start to see flaking and cracking. Paying a bit of extra attention to your skin’s barrier now can translate to smooth sailing until spring rolls around—and these nourishing balms are so worth the splurge…

Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment ($35)
Chapped lips are more than uncomfortable… Dryness and flaking can get in the way of your lipstick, and no one wants that. This indulgent lip balm looks as good coming out of your bag as it feels on your lips, and itâ€

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Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

Posted by 05.17.12

Sometimes a girl just needs to splurge on great beauty products and treatments. But looking great doesn’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. We’ve rounded up a dozen reasonably priced beauty bargains from prestige brands. To share the high-end fantasy, here are some of our fave products—all around $25.


With a rainbow hue of vibrant luscious colors, Vernis Nail Lacquer ($23) uses custom micronized ingredients to deliver 10 times the normal light refracting pigments. The result is a spectacular high gloss shine. Its special high-tech brush allows for a time saving one-step application and a flawless finish.



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Posted by 09.20.11

He’s so vain! Kidding! You can’t blame your guy for wanting to look, smell and feel his best. You wouldn’t have it any other way! Whether he’s a lover, friend, dad, brother or husband, if he’s special – and we know he is – then show a little love for your honey sweetie macho man. Choose from moisturizers to keep his skin baby soft or facial scrubs to give him that glow. We’ve rounded up a baker’s dozen of terrific items for every budget and lifestyle to make him feel good from head to toe. Follow our tweets for more information and daily reminders.


You’ll score high points with EvolutionMan products

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Date: 03.07.09


DR WEIL FOR ORIGINS NIGHT HEALTH BEDTIME BALM – I am not really into the whole organic thing. I respect it – but I rarely buy “organic” or “natural” brands for my personal use. However, Dr Weil’s plantidote range for Origins is one exception for me. There is something about this light textured, pleasantly fragranced range that really appeals and actually feels good to use. This Bedtime Balm is just one of the newer examples, part of the Night Health Range. When I first heard the name, it sounded like a gentle lotion for babies.  Actually I cant see why you couldnt use it on babies too.  This is supposed to be used for relaxing tense shoulders and aching necks. You can certainly expand that list of uses as you wish – it’s light enough to use on your face too without alarm. It is infused with chamomile, lavender and mandarin essentials oils to lift your spirit and calm your nerves, especially if you have watched CNN or MSNBC lately before bedtime. That will certainly keep you awake all night! Right now I think we should all take advantage of anything that can ease some of the tension – even in a balm.  As a chronic insomniac myself (which is why you will see postings from MWC at 3 AM EST often), this is a treat for me.

FINAL VERDICT: RDW (RUN DONT WALK) – Soothing, calming and relaxing light balm for night time use – great for compromised skin, exhausted, dehydrated, jet lagged or just plain dry skin. And only priced at a gentle $25.


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