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Photo Credit: www.us.lizearle.com

Posted by 07.11.11

PRODUCT: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser ($24.50) is the award winning, cult-status cleanser from this UK botanical beauty brand that was recently sold to Avon and is now available in the US too.  I’ve seen this on a lot of beauty award lists and I finally had the chance to try it myself.

The cream contains tingly eucalyptus, which produces a cooling and lovely aromatic effect. It also has soothing cocoa butter in a formulation that can be used on your eyes to remove multiple coats of waterproof mascara - the ultimate multitasker. Mineral oil free, the cleanser has gentle purging power for pores and dead cells. Other naturally active ingredients include hops extract for toning, rosemary essential oil for fighting free radicals, and chamomile essential oil and beeswax for soothing reactive or tired skin.

The two-phase cleansing process is easy to do in the morning and at night time and takes just a few minutes. First massage the cleanser onto dry skin over the face and neck - decollete too if you choose. Next, rinse the pure muslin cloth in hot-to-the-touch water and wring it out before gently polishing off the cream in a circular motion.

The ritual of applying the cream, followed by washing with a hot, steaming muslin cloth over your sink, is so beautifully simple. It reminds you that clean skin is not about scrubbing layers off with harsh foaming cleansers -rather it’s about removing impurities, opening pores, gently sloughing off dead cells, and also about the relaxing experience of it all. Plus, you can wash and reuse the cloth, unlike that bottle of scrub you just threw out.

The cleanser is appropriate for all skin type and ages - and it can even help skin with acne that benefits from daily exfoliation. It is great for dry or dull complexions in need of brightening booster. Liz Earle offers such a refreshing experience on so many levels - it's no wonder that this cleanser is an all time fave of so many women around the world.  Treat yourself to a facial experience at home for under $25.



Would you buy it again? YES

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Date: 03.02.09



AVON ULTRA COLOR RICH 24K GOLD Lipstick  – I have to admit that when I saw this bright gold lipstick I immediately passed it on to my mom. But she talked me into trying it and told me that if it was too glitzy I could mix it over other shades. This time she was right! (I hate to admit it). Unless you have tawny, chocolate or mocha skin, Im not sure you can pull it off alone, but if you are fair like me it adds a touch of sheen to your bottom lip. Plus how much do you really want to spend on a gold lipstick anyway?! Benefit 24K Sexy Gold Lipstick costs a lot more than the Avon one.

FINAL VERDICT: BOB (Bail Out Beauty) – At around $5, you can’t beat it.


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