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Posted by 04.08.13

Drop that hot wax! A new study out of Nice, France, turned up a potential downside of bikini waxing. Brazilian waxing and other methods of removing pubic hair may increase the risk of catching a certain skin infection through sexual activity, according to this preliminary research.

The study, conducted by two French dermatologists and a global health researcher from Emory University at a private health clinic in France was published in the sister publication of the British Medical Journal called Sexually Transmitted Infections. It looked into the relationship between pubic hair removal (excluding laser treatments) and the increase of Molluscum contagiosum, a minor pox virus that causes

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MEET DR. BONNIE MARTING DNP ARNP – Anushka Cosmedical Centre Spa & Salon, West Palm Beach

Posted by 05.16.10

Meet the Director of Medical Aesthetics

Anushka Spa, where Palm Beach ladies and jetsetters go to get pampered and treated, boasts 12,000 square feet of spa, salon, cosmedical center and a world renowned cellulite clinic. Tatler Magazine named it one of the top 10 medspas in the world! Dr. Bonnie Marting heads up the medical aesthetics practice by staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic dermatology to keep her well-heeled clientele coming back for more.

www.yearserased.com & www.anushkaspa.com

1. When did you enter the cosmetic dermatology field? At that time, what was the biggest trend in cosmetic dermatology and how has it changed since in your professional experience?

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Posted by 04.13.09


Warmer temperatures, hayfever, fur coats go into storage, the first sign of tulips blooming….that means bikini season can’t be far behind.  For the month of April, enter to win a full size of Anushka’s best selling cellulite solution, Anushka Censored Cellulite Liposerum   – an $85.00 value.  (Yeah, free stuff!)

We want to know what’s in your bag – you already know what’s in ours. Check out each of the bag ladies’ favorite brands and desert island beauty products just by clicking on their bags on the left column.  

The winner will be announced on May 1st – and she will receive her Anushka prize just in time to make all her dimples

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ANUSHKA – Anushka Cosmedical Centre Spa & Salon

Posted by 02.10.09

Meet the Diva of Dimples

Like Cher, ANUSHKA is one name that immediately conjures up a strong feminine image. This Argentinian beauty founded the Anushka Spa & Cellulite Clinic in New York City over 36 years ago and now calls Palm Beach home. Known as the cellulite guru to the well-heeled jet set, she is on a one-woman quest to help women conquer cellulite and keep her clients swimsuit-ready, year-round. She has been called “Cellulite Exorcist Extraordinaire” by Vogue and “THE anti-cellulite maven” by W Magazine, Anushka’s highly coveted body and spa products are sold all over the world. www.anushkaspa.com View the entire cellulite collection online at www.anushkaonline.co

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