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Date: 02.07.13

One sunny winter morning last week, I was whisked away to a workout where I was encouraged to really sweat it out. And so I climbed trapezes (with help, of course), swung from silk ropes, and had a great workout.

The idea was to get stressed—and to sweat. Not too sexy, if you ask me. But it really was.

The makers of the new Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response anti-perspirant deodorant has released a study that points out the differences between stress sweat, and the plain old fashioned sweating you’ve always known. If you look at it this way, there are three main causes of sweat: physical activity and exercise (you always knew this), environmental heat (think of a muggy day in New York City), and stress.

The last trigger came as a complete surprise to me, but it shouldn’t have. People get beads of perspiration when they are asked to speak in public, and so on and so forth. Have you ever perspired while stressed? I certainly have.

Secret has found out that women can sweat up to 30 times more than normal when stressed, and I found that out the hard way, when I was swinging on silk ropes in a gym. While sweat from movement and heat comes from the eccrine sweat glands (and this sweat is made mostly of  water and a small amount of proteins and lipids), stress sweat comes from both the eccrine, and a different gland, the apocrine, which releases more lipids and proteins. These are magnets for bacteria, and hence, more odor.

Secret-Stress-Response-canisterSecret Clinical Strength Stress Response zaps this issue in the bud: it fights all three causes of sweat, and it doesn’t mask the issue with a heavy fragrance, which actually makes the situation worse. Secret’s BCD technology uses odor-neutralizing molecules to trap odor, lock it away and then replace the odor with a fresh scent to keep you smelling clean and fresh.

Our verdict? We truly smelled great after our workout after sniffing the side we applied the deodorant on (the other was left bare). Stress definitely stinks, but you don’t have to anymore.

The Serene Citrus version is available in stores now.


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