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Posted by 01.02.13

There seems to be no escape. Everywhere we go we’re bombarded with celebrity photos that scream subliminal and obvious messages: Look like this woman! Have thighs like her! This barrage of unrealistic body ideals cause many parents to worry about how these images negatively affect the self-image of their teenage daughters. Enter Alice Hart-Davis and her teen daughter Beth Hindhaugh, who have taken up the challenge to combat the trend with a new book called 100 Ways for Every Girl to Look and Feel Fantastic (Walker Books, £9.99).

“It’s an awful fact of life that teen girls have to get their head around—that while their parents and teachers are telling them

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Posted by 10.24.12

Cosmetic Executive Women (UK) hosted its annual Achiever Awards last week, which celebrated not only the accomplishments of leading women and one gent in the beauty industry, but also the global organization’s 20th anniversary.

The 2012 event took place at the Hilton Hotel Park Lane in London and paid homage to the international reach of CEW by presenting Special Industry Awards to Carlotta Jacobson, president of U.S.-based CEW Inc., and Françoise Montenay, president of CEW France. Kenneth Green, chairman of Kenneth Green Associates, a major distributor of luxury fragrance and beauty brands, also received the Special Industry Award.

A poignant highlight of the evening was t

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Posted by 11.18.09


By Alice Hart-Davis

It was when my daughter Molly began asking me, persistently, whether she could shave her legs  — and was it true that the hair would grow back darker and thicker and if not, why not, and if she couldn’t shave then what about waxing  — that I realised it had begun.

Sooner or later, every girl reaches an age where she starts asking questions about her skin, her hair and her looks. It might be nine, it might be 19; for Molly, it was 11, and her supposedly hairy legs were the tip of the iceberg. What about her face? Did she need a special wash for it like it said in the magazines? And anti-ageing cream? When could she wear make-up? And how could s

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