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Photo Credit: www.mylifeontheguestlist.com

Posted by 02.10.13

Hey, BeautyInTheBagers. Get ready to start another fabulous week with another fabulous giveaway! This week we’re giving away three (3) Spa Sonic Skin Care Face & Body Polishers (an $80 value). The Spa Sonic is a great device that deep cleans your entire body and face, targeting blemished and damaged skin to create a glowing and firm complexion. The Spa Sonic is a waterproof device ideal for using in the shower, bathtub, or while at your bathroom sink. It comes with four attachments (included): a smaller sized brush ideal for your face, a large brush for your body, a facial sponge for microdermabrasion and the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, and finally a pumice atta

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Posted by 07.04.09


Fess up. Are you one of those women who “fib” about their age? Do you make yourself  just  a few years younger?
It’s just a number. I always tell my real age when asked. First, I am proud of my experience and wisdom. Secondly, how young can I keep making my children without people thinking I was a teenage mother? My daughters are in their 20s! And who can remember what you told to whom – and what if it comes up in conversation and you get caught in a great big lie? That would be even worse.

Here is a fun story that really was my catalyst to honesty. I was at a 50th  birthday party for a business associate. When asked how old she was, she replied 45. One of the women a

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