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We all have our little routines to mark the change of seasons. For Winter into Spring there are a few things I do year after year. Spring cleaning has always been at the top of my list but this year I’ve stepped it up a notch thanks to the inspiring book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo. If you find yourself surrounded by clutter a little too often, I highly recommend this book. Besides cleaning house, I also like to do a bit of shopping to spruce up the front porch — some fresh herbs, flowering plants and bright pillows help it look inviting and make a good first impression for any visitors.

With the house taken care of, my favorite personal spring ritual is to experiment with a new fragrance . There’s just something about wearing a new scent that makes me feel like I’m up for any adventure. You might have a signature scent that you turn to time and time again, but if you’re looking for a change Spring is the perfect time to try out some new ones. After all, you’ll never know what you might discover.

Clean Blossom ($72) is described as the scent of flower petals falling into a spring and dancing on the water. I take that to mean fresh, lively, a whiff of flowers…it’s simply beautiful. Its notes include Tunisian Neroli, Seringa Petals, Yellow Freesia, Orange Blossom, Rain Lily, Georgia Manolia and Cotton Wood.


Lurk CRG V9 ($72) is a crisp, light floral with a touch of spice. This pure fragrance oil blends Mimosa, Rose geranium, Bourbon geranium Lavender absolute and Carnation. Something about it smells familiar and I can’t get enough of it. I also love that Lurk’s raw materials are sourced from sustainable farms, implementing practices to preserve and protect the integrity of the environment and water supply, and the fragrances are hand-blended in small batches on Shelter Island. *Available Mother’s Day 2016.

Carthusia Mediterraneo ($80) has found a permanent place on my vanity. It smells like happiness in a bottle and was love at first whiff for me. This effervescent lemony fresh scent blends sharp lemon leaves with sparkling green tea for a fresh and natural scent, and it just became my new staple.

Ariana Grande Frankie ($49), named after Frankie Grande — a dancer, musical theater actor, singer and Ariana’s older step-brother — is a limited-edition unisex fragrance that’s vibrant, dynamic and seductive. Sweet zests of apricot and pear combine with wild orchid, sandalwood and musk for a sexy, sugared blend. It comes in a show-stopping silver bottle with a pom-pom ball. Now, that’s entertainment!


NOTE: Products were provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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