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Posted by 09.20.09




I was introduced to this innovative Japanese brand by a fellow makeup fan who said I absolutely  had to see it.  I immediately noted the sleek design appeal  and agreed to delve inby trying a round dark chocolate swivel case of pressed powder called Polish Face EX-01, that looks like modern art. The powder is designed in concentric rings of lighter and deeper tones, like the rings of a tree stump. The attention to detail is astonishing. The name SUQQU (pronounced SU-KU), in case you are wondering because I certainly was, was derived from the Japanese word sukku-to meaning “posture with attitude”. In the manner of Shiseido, SK-II and other brands that combine great design with product marvels, SUQQU is simply unique. The brush that accompanies the powder case is short and squat like a mushroom and glides softly over your skin. It comes in a small dark brown velvet pouch, like something that would normally be found to carry fine jewelry. The finish of the powder is like pure spun silk! It is sheer and light with a subtle pearlessence and is just lovely for your complexion.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Luxurious quality brand with some clever concepts and innovative products – it is really quite extraordinary. It is only sold throughout Japan, Bangkok, and now exclusive to Selfridges London in the UK. If you are up for something different and stunning, definitely stop by the counter and have a look at what SUQQU offers. Expensive import but you won’t see yourself coming and going with this brand!  www.suqqu.com

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  1. TWA Says:

    you may want to hide this from me, mom
    i tested it this morning and fell in love…

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