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Photo Credit: Chanel


07-31-13 | Posted by

It was the pursuit of luck that drove Gabriel Chanel to surround herself with charms and talisman.

The symbols that traditionally have been used to lure good fortune are the inspiration for the Fall 2013 color collection by the House of Chanel. Fittingly called Superstition, the collection is available now in stores and at chanel.com.

The tones for the Fall collection are very neutral and wintry: sumptuous tones of  khaki, beige, bright apricot, pink lead, and soft lavender. The eyes are gray and smokey, and evoke mystery, allure, and a deep and thoughtful beauty. The must-have in this collection are the new “lucky charm” duos, which have shade-matched pairs for the lips and the cheeks..

The collection includes:

Le Blush Creme de Chanel ($38):  You can use your fingertips or a brush to apply this powder-cream blush, which which presents pigments that are dense enough to be luminous, yet sheer enough to look like you’re not wearing makeup at all. There are eight silky shades that a long-lasting stain finish. Colors include: Destiny (a golden beige), Presage (Apricot, Limited Edition), Revelation (soft, shimmering pink), Inspiration (a soft blue pink), Affinite (an intense blue pink), and Fantastic Burgundy (another limited edition).

Tip: Pair this blush with a complementary lip color, and don’t overdo it…one soft stroke on the cheekbones is enough for extreme elegance.

Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color ($34): In both a delicate beige, Icone, and a bright apricot shade, Mystique, this creamy lipstick is actually flattering on all skin tones, even though I had my doubts. The delicate beige is perfect for dark complexions and the bright apricot lip color is a shade that both the Chanel model (shown in the picture above) and Michelle Obama could equally pull off. The apricot is definitely the shade to choose for a night out on the town: arresting and vivid.

Rouge Coco Shine Hydaring Sheer Lipshine ($34): The collection’s limited edition are Secreat,  a soft shimmering pink, and Esprit, a burgundy that is perfect for a  silent seduction. Wear them alone for a subtle effect or pair them with  Creme Lip Color for added texture.

Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow ($28.50): This is truly my personal favorite of the collection–elegant and chic individual powder seyehadows that give your eyes depth and exquisite beauty. The colors include soft lavender and luminous taupe. They are shades that do well when used with a wet or dry brush, and will give your eyes that great smokey intensity that never seems to go out of style. Paired with mascara  and liner the eyeshadows are sheer brilliance.


Photo Credit: Chanel

Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow ($59): The superstar of the collection, this palette comes in metallics and khakis with gorgeous tones. The quad includes golden khaki, golden ivory, silver taupe, and matte khaki.  A limited, this quad is available exclusively in the US.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner ($30): This bronze khaki pencil adds the finishing touch to the eyes: a light, metallic and subtle shade can go a long way on your upper eyelids, but I think the true genius of this color is using it on your inner rim.

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara ($30): Coat your lashes in an eye-catching shade of bronze khaki to complement the liner.

Le Vernis Nail Color ($27): Alchimie, a golden khaki, is an alluring, intense shade to use in any season, but it is particularly suited for fall because of the way it complements the rest of the collection colors. It also comes in Mysterious, a deeper, rich khaki.


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