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Posted by 07.21.10

Photo Credit: sundayriley.com

SUNDAY RILEY CASHMERE SPF 30 – I felt a little giddy tearing into the beautiful box of this sun block, thinking that if the product is half as nice as the packaging then I would be in for a treat.  Sure enough, the elegant, minimal pump dispensed a dollop of smooth, light lotion devoid of the greasiness and heavy fragrance that ruins too many of its competitors.  Cashmere SPF 30 has everything I want from my sun block.  It is photostable, assuring that its efficacy is never diminished by light exposure.  Mineral sun protection courtesy of Titanium Dioxide delivers sun safety free of chemicals such as oxybenzone, a penetration enhancer which studies have linked to endocrine disruption and low birth weight in infant girls whose mothers are exposed during pregnancy.

Hello, I’m pregnant with twin girls, so their safety and mine is a top priority.  Cashmere SPF 30 goes on weightlessly and feels fantastic, and Titanium Dioxide protects against both age-accelerating UVA and cancer-causing UVB rays.  What’s not to love?

FINAL VERDICT – OTF (ON THE FENCE) – Much as I adore this product, I got a severe case of sticker shock when I learned that the 1.7 oz bottle retails for $125.  For the woman who doesn’t flinch at that price tag then I can highly recommend Cashmere SPF 30, but for everyone else there are equally effective (albeit less luxurious) sun protection products on the market, like Blue Lizard or Aveeno.  In these summer months, complete coverage and frequent reapplication are critical steps to successful skin defense, and it’s hard to generously slather on the SPF if I’m calculating the cost per pump of this precious substance.


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