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05-17-13 | Posted by

Whether aiming for the smoothest of legs to show off flirty skirts and short shorts, or readying your body as a canvas for self-tanner, smooth and silky is a summer skin must.

B. Kamins, the excellent cosmeceutical brand from our neighbors to the north in Montreal, is, as I write, launching two new products to get skin warm weather ready.

B. Kamins Rice Body Polish ($26) is a creamy exfoliant so easy to use you’ll forget your are spending time on body prep. Apply in the shower or bath and massage gently with a circular motion, then rinse off. The gentle buffing will stimulate circulation for a healthy glow, dead skin will be removed, and fresh smooth skin revealed. It’s the perfect prep for self-tanning to ensure even application, and great to use just before shaving.

The polish’s exfoliating action comes from rice beads, recommended for the body, but a little too harsh for the face. Like all B. Kamins products it also contains the company’s BioMaple™ Compound, a proprietary blend featuring AHAs derived from Canadian maple trees. Jojoba oil and rice bran extract are added as moisturizers.

For those tough to keep smooth areas, like elbows, feet, hands, and knees, try B. Kamins Maple Butter Body Wrap ($24). It’s a super-hydrating cream for dry, parched skin. Winter is not the only cause of dry skin; too much time in the water, sun, or even playing sports can leave skin rough and flaky. In addition to the BioMaple Compound, the body wrap features the hydrator of all hydrators, shea butter, as well as cocoa butter and vitamin E.

Maple Butter Body Wrap can be used all over the body or just on super parched spots. But remember not to apply the butter wrap until your self-tanner has completely dried and the color has developed.

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