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Posted by 08.11.09

Terax Miele Shampoo

Photo Credit: www.stylebell.com

My search for SFS free shampoo was precipitated by my first Brazilian Keratin treatment over one year ago. My colorist explained that I had to use special shampoo to maintain the results of the $450 treatment, and if I used normal detergent laden hair cleansers, it would not last as long. Clearly that was a big incentive and I followed her instructions to the letter. She gave me Marcia Texeira brand shampoo to use, which for this diehard Kerastase and Fekkai fan took a little getting used to. It is a creamy, pearly white formula with an odd smell. The unappealing plastic white bottle has a chocolate brown logo that looks like something you might find in a bodega -  a far cry from luxe haircare! I proceeded to dole out my stock of high end salon shampoos to my lucky staff, girlfriends and daughter to avoid even the temptation of going off the wagon. My fears of senility set in and running a bath with sulfate loaded formulas of body wash also caused me to remove all perfumed bath and body products out of sight to avoid temptation. This ritual was akin to pouring out gallons of Stoli for a recovering alcoholic, including the requisite withdrawal symptoms. My bathroom, for the first time in recent history, was essentially sulfate free!

Lo and behold – I quickly learned that there is a proliferation of sulfate-free shampoos just for the asking! One trip to my neighborhood Essentials (like a Manhattan Sally Beauty Supply but not nearly as stacked with goodies!) revealed new options including Coppola Keratin Therapy which I delved into to the tune of $50 for the large bottle. Although it smells better than Marcia’s brew, my disappointment was that it didn’t get my hair clean enough – which can be a major drawback with detergent free cleansing solutions. Then to my delight my stylist suggested that I try Terax Miele and I made the switch.

FINAL VERDICT: RUN DON’T WALK (RDW) – Terax is a terrific haircare brand – which gives me the luxury look and feel I want with superior cleansing ability in a sulfate free formula that is affordable – only around $20.


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