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Are you hesitant to let yourself get hooked on energy-based aesthetic treatments? Perhaps you are worried about pain, the time involved, lack of results, or the cost. Whatever the reason, sounds like you suffer from “Skinhibitions,” a phrase coined by aesthetic device company Syneron to describe a fear of cosmetic procedures that could enhance your skin’s appearance.

Sublative Rejuvenation with ematrix, a new treatment protocol from Syneron, is just the thing to calm your fears. A radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment, Sublative targets a gamut of concerns including signs of aging skin such as skin laxity, lines and wrinkles, and changing skin texture. In addition, it’s fabulous for reducing moderate to severe acne scars, even those that get worse with age. And the good news is that Sublative requires minimal downtown, causes little pain, is clinically proven to be safe and effective, and is actually affordable for most patients.
Sublative Rejuvenation

“When we talk about Sublative rejuvenation, we are talking about a large range of conditions that we are not happy with,” said Shimon Eckhouse, Ph.D, the CEO and co-founder of Syneron, at a recent event in New York City. “What we treat is really not one thing, but a combination of things.”

Sublative uses elos technology, a mechanism for delivering radiofrequency energy to the skin in a fractional manner, which was co-developed by Eckhouse. Sublative works by directing RF energy to the dermis, bypassing the outer layers of the skin, and causing no visible damage. When RF heats the dermis it triggers a healing response that results in strengthened collagen and elastin. The RF is delivered in a fractional manner, which means the energy is administered with a multi-electrode pin in a grid pattern, heating some skin, and leaving other areas untouched, a process that speeds healing.

“This is a way to bring back skin to the way it was two years, three years, or five years ago,” said Eckhouse. “We create an injury and in the healing process the skin does very good things for itself.”

Light-based devices have been evolving ever since the first lasers were used by dermatologists in the 1990s. “We are now at the point where we can make significant changes in the skin without downtime,” said Thomas Rohrer, MD, a leading laser dermatologist from Massachusetts. As we age, collagen and elastin break down and the skin doesn’t bounce back in a youthful way, resulting in laxity and wrinkles. The injury caused by the RF causes the skin to heal more smoothly and stronger. Acne scars too are reduced during the healing process.

The tightening and smoothing effect is very natural. “We are not going to be creating the Real Housewives of whatever” said Rohrer.

Generally three to four Sublative treatments spaced one month apart are required for maximum results. Prices per individual session range between $500 and $750, based upon your location and the area treated. Depending upon the state, a physician or a medical professional supervised by a physician can administer the Sublative treatment. For aging conditions, maintenance sessions will be required, as the skin will continue to change because of age. However, the treatment of acne has a long term effect.

For more information about Sublative, visit: Sublativeskin.com.

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