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06-24-10 | Posted by

“How to Avoid Pillow-Face, The perils of too much & too many cosmetic-filler injections” By: Gerit Quealy features expert commentary from Beautyinthebag.com Founder and Editor in Chief Wendy Lewis.

“’Pillow face’ is a term used to describe the over-inflated faces of rail-thin celebs who have been injected with so much dermal fillers, they start to look like ET” explains our go-to aesthetics consultant Wendy Lewis.

“Think Heather Locklear, Joan Rivers, the Minogue sisters, among others. Many pillow faces are choosing fillers over facelifts — they don’t want to look stretched, so they get filled instead to take up the slack of loose skin.The ultimate effect is not necessarily the plumpness of youth, but rather, anatomical distortion,” Lewis says, adding,

One of the causes of this phenomenon is that these women tend to have minimal body fat so their bodies are taut and toned, but their faces start to deflate and sink. Runners can have this look too.”

Read the full article here.

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