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Meet the Inventor of the 48 Hr. Dream Smile

Steven E. Roth, DMD and his partners at SmilesNY are at the forefront of cosmetic and implant dentistry, creating “New York’s most beautiful smiles” for more than 20 years. Conceived to maximize comfort, convenience and tranquility in a spa-like environment, SmilesNY focuses on aesthetics, youthful appearances and a commitment to total oral health. The luxurious office is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, applying its patient-friendly philosophy to discerning New Yorkers, celebrities and international business executives. Incorporating advanced technology, Dr. Roth invented CosmaLite, a new procedure that gives patients the smiles they have always dreamed of in just 48 hours.

www.smilesNY.com, www.cosmalite.com

What are the most common cosmetic dental requests?

The three most common questions I hear are: “How can I get my teeth whiter?”, “How can I get my teeth straighter?” and “How can I make my smile better?” Everyone wants to look great, because how we look is essentially how we market ourselves to those we come into contact with. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and very much part of that first impression.

What are the most common reasons for tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration comes from either external stains or intrinsic stains (stains ‘from within;). Common causes of external stains are certain foods, coffee, red wine, and tobacco. Intrinsic stains develop from genetics, antibiotics that were ingested as a child, or from the water supply in various geographic areas.

Are there ways to prevent tooth discoloration?

Good oral care is crucial. Keeping your teeth clean with great home care (including regular brushing and flossing) and regular dental cleaning visits will help remove external stains. Of course, avoiding the causes mentioned above will help prevent teeth from getting discolored in the first place. Intrinsic stains are harder to control and I have some patients that whiten their teeth regularly to keep them under control. They never go away but vigilant “REWHITENING” will keep things looking white and bright. We have some patients that have severe Tetracycyline staining, which looks grey and sometimes black. They are able to get almost perfectly white with about six months of daily whitening.

Can you give us the rundown on CosmaLite? What it is?

CosmaLite is a life changing instant makeover that allows a patient to achieve a fantastic cosmetic result within 48 hours. So often people come to me looking for a fast solution to their smile woes–perhaps in preparation for a first date or a big event like a wedding or special occasion. Previously-existing smile enhancement options take time–CosmaLite is a faster solution. It basically involves the application of thin temporary veneers, which allow for an instantaneous perfect smile, without the time and pain of other procedures. Standard veneers are expensive, whitening causes extended tooth sensitivity, and braces take 2 to 3 years to show results. The CosmaLite procedure lasts around one week and costs approximately $700. If the patient chooses to pursue a more permanent oral solution, this money can be applied toward a future purchase.

Who is the typical CosmaLite patient? Where is it available?

Many of my patients have thought about getting a cosmetic change to their smile, but they just weren’t sure enough to invest the time and money into following through. The CosmaLite process allows patients to ‘try on’ a beautiful smile in their own mouths and see what a more permanent solution would look like. And as mentioned, it also is great for those people who need a quick solution to their smile woes and don’t have the time-or current funds-to invest in a permanent solution.

CosmaLite is marketed as a temporary solution. Does it have any side effects? What’s the cost?

There are no side effects with CosmaLite. It is pain-free with no sensitivity, no discomfort, and no modification to existing teeth. The procedure involves temporary bonding, so the teeth may need to be polished, but there are no braces and no bleaching involved. The CosmaLite procedure lasts around one week and costs approximately $700. If the patient chooses to pursue a more permanent oral solution, such as full veneers, this cost can be applied toward a future purchase.

How did you come to develop this technique?

Several years ago I was working with a world famous actress, designing temporary teeth for a specific movie role. While we were “tinkering” with different solutions, I came to the realization that I could use this technique to help a lot of my regular patients who wanted or needed enhanced smiles for a specific reason.

Do you have any other specialties?

Adult restorative cosmetic and implant dental care of the highest quality is my specialty. I believe each patient deserves to hear a comprehensive evaluation of their oral health in a healthy, calming and luxurious environment in order to PROLONG THEIR LIVES! That’s how important oral health is to our overall well-being.

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