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06-20-12 | Posted by

whiite-teeth2Achieving a bright, sparkling smile is getting easier and easier…and it doesn’t take a trip to the dentist office. From the strips first introduced over a decade ago to the latest foams, pearly whites can be yours. Here we take a look at GO SMiLE Double Action Teeth Whitening System with 24 Ampoules ($89 at QVC) versus Crest 3D Advanced Whitestrips ($39) to see where you get the best bang for your buck.
GO SMiLE Double Action Teeth Whitening System with 24 Ampoules a218279

The new GO SMiLE Double Action 24 ampoules carry on the journey of the brand’s signature single-dose ampoule strategy, and this beautifully-packaged 12-day system was designed really for those who never thought teeth whitening could work for them. Best of all, it harnesses two complementary formulas in a single-dose ampoule (except now you’ll need to use 24 of them to see a noticeable difference).

The entire set is one complete system and perfect for the jetsetter and gal on the go (just pack a week’s supply in your purse and replenish your supply when it runs low…it’s easier than finding your dream concealer)!

The ampoules are powerful but your teeth are not going to go ring a ding ding with the tingling, as with several teeth whitening systems on the market. One of the liquids releases stain-removing oxygen ions, and the two complementary formulas work together to remove stains from your favorite lattes, smoking, etc. If you’ve ever tried the GoSmiLE ampoules, you’ll know how easy it is to “pop,” squeeze and apply them. Wait 20 minutes before eating and drinking to allow the ampoule magic to work…and voila! Pearly whites on the go. I recommend using this system with the convenient On the Go Teeth Whitening Pen Duo ($33). It’s recommended to use two ampoules a day for best results. The bottom line? It works, and is fun to use!

crest 3D whitestrips

Photo Credit: amazone.com

Crest’s Whitestrips were all the rage in 2001 when they first debuted, and they still are a whitening staple (it’s considered the number one selling teeth whitening product in the country). Now the new “3D” range, which was introduced in 2011 uses an Advanced Seal technology that gives you more non slip application, while being larger in order to accommodate more teeth. Each disposable plastic strip needs to be placed directly on the teeth, and of course it has a whitening agent (the chief ingredient is hydrogen peroxide). The strips promise noticeable whitening in as little as one application and a definite difference in 7 days.

Wear each strip for 30 minutes (each pack contains 14 strips) and go about your day. The brand says you can even drink water and continue with your routine but I found the tingling sensation a bit too much for my gums to handle. That’s not to say the results weren’t there  – they were – but if you have sensitive teeth and gums, then my suggestion is to try the Crest Gentle Routine alternative.

Verdict: Without a doubt, both the Crest 3D Advanced Whitestrips and the GoSmiLE ampoules brighten and whiten. The GoSmiLE ampoules, though pricier, take a slightly longer period of time; (12 days, opposed to 7 days) but they are my preference if you have sensitive teeth.



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