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Photo Credit: annickgoutal.com

Posted by 04.23.12

For me, fragrance has to be French. Annick Goutal is one of my all time favorite houses of scent. Ever since I visited her shop on rue de Castiglione on the Right Bank, I was intoxicated by Gardenia Passion at first whiff.

Since 1980, Annick Goutal has been making the world smell a little sweeter, one spritz at a time. Their latest addition, Nuit Etoilee, is no exception. It's fresh woodsy aroma evokes an evening stroll through the Tuilleries or a night under the dark sky of the French countryside. The strikingly intense blue bottles symbolize the romance of the night sky. There are two variations - the classic Annick Goutal atomizer for women complete with a little blue bow and their signature cream and gold tag, plus the tailored looking masculine scent. The square bottle of the men's fragrance vaguely reminds me of No. 4711.

After Annick's untimely death at age 53 in 1999, her daughter Camille has carried on her legacy along with fellow perfumer Isabelle Doyen. Together they continue Annick’s vision creating a series of unique scents including Mandragore, Songes, Un Matin d’Orage and Ninfeo mio. Through their work, Annick Goutal’s world and beliefs of emotion, creativity, authenticity and excellence live on. In the U.S., the success story continues, as the brand often ranks as the #1 fragrance collection in specialty stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. They have also expanded to include luscious candles and home fragrances and a facial and body care collection.

Nuit Etoilee will be available in May exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue - and the collection sells for $51 - $72.



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