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08-07-16 | Posted by

Dr. Elena Ocher was born in Georgia and is a neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, and pain management specialist. How does a neurosurgeon get into skincare? BITB sat down with Dr. Ocher to learn more.

Dr. Ocher has been using the remedea compound, which is formulated with six known ingredients found in the mountains of Georgia: Rose oil, beeswax, calcium carbonate, olive oil, propolis and male pine flower pollen. Their exact concentration and method of formulation is a guarded family secret, passed down from generation to generation, and never revealed to a single outsider.

Dr. Ocher originally used the homemade blend to heal burns, cuts and soothe abrasions. Having used the remedea compound all of her life, she wanted everyone to have access to its remarkable healing properties. Dr. Ocher teamed up with a world-renowned chemist to create CHUDA SKINCARE to give everyone access to its remarkable healing properties.


1. When and why did you decide to create your own product line?

Growing up in Russia and using the Remedea Compound daily, on my kids and on patients, I always thought there was nothing like it here. In all of my years in the United States, I have never found a cream or ointment that healed on multiple levels like the compound. I wanted everyone to have access to its remarkable skincare benefits so I decided it was time to create a product line featuring the compound.

2. Tell us more about the benefits of Remedea Compound?

The Remedea Compound is quite remarkable. Its history as a healing ointment dates back centuries, to the country of Georgia, where a prominent family of healers created it using ingredients harvested from the Georgian mountains. The compound has multiple healing properties, including antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

3. Who can use Chuda Skincare and when should they start using it?

Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream can be used by anyone or any skin type, even the most sensitive skin. It’s a powerful hydrator so if your skin is dry, you will instantly see and feel the difference. Skin that’s damaged or compromised will benefit greatly from its healing properties. If you have sunburn or redness after a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, Chuda will immediately help to soothe and calm the skin.

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