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11-23-17 | Posted by

Faced with the overwhelming stress of the holidays, and the tendency to overindulge, most of us need more than old-fashioned willpower to sail through December without some missteps. Couple the season’s abundant food temptations with your genetic makeup, and it can be a perfect storm to go off the rails from Halloween to New Year’s.

Enter Arivale, the cutting edge science-based wellness program that uses genetic and clinical data to help you optimize heart health, weight loss, nutrition, healthy aging, stress management and more. Basically, you take a selfie from the inside to understand your genetic makeup, test 80+ clinical markers, and then they connect you with one of their awesome coaches who will translate your data into a wellness action plan. All of the Arivale Coaches are Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutritionists, or Registered Nurses.

While many companies offer genetic and blood tests, what sets Arivale apart is their unique method of personal coaching. Not only do you learn what your results mean, you figure out how to use this knowledge to make personalized changes to your diet, habits, and lifestyle.

According to Clayton Lewis, Arivale Co-founder and CEO, and an Ironman triathlete himself, “We take an integrative look at your body’s internal systems, from genetics to inflammatory markers, and bring this knowledge all together.  Think of it this way. Your genes are the clues, your bloodwork is the evidence, and along with your coach, we empower you to be the detectives.  We designed Arivale to help take the guess work out of making changes to your diet and lifestyle by creating a program that is unique to you.”

If you work closely with your coach, Mr. Lewis says, “We can improve your energy, health and wellbeing and get you in your best shape ever.”

Arivale is a worthwhile investment in yourself.



Arivale Weight Loss or Arivale Heart Health for ONLY $19 (80% off the list price of $99)

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Arivale Weight Loss (include Helix DNA kit)

Optimize your diet with obesity, weight loss, and taste preference genetic insights.

You get one in-depth consultation with an Arivale Registered Dietitian and 30 days of chat support with the Arivale team of coaches.









Arivale Heart Health (includes Helix DNA kit)

Optimize your heart health with cholesterol and blood pressure genetic insights.

Includes personalized wellness recommendations from an Arivale Nutritionist and 30 days of chat support with the Arivale team of coaches.


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