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07-09-18 | Posted by


The Wrinkles Schminkles team got to work developing an affordable, super-effective and non-invasive range of products to help women look and feel confident, as they begin to age, gracefully.

Using silicone, which had long been used in the medical profession to treat scarring, the Wrinkles Schminkles range is designed to work its magic on wrinkles that can appear on the chest, neck, décolletage and of course the face.

Aside from being ultra-convenient and easy to use, the best part about Wrinkles Schminkles is that their Silicone Pads literally work overnight. Simply peel, stick and sleep, and wake up to smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.

Visit WrinklesSchminkles.com to learn more.


ONE lucky winner will WIN a set of the following:


By applying the Silicone Pad adhesive side down, the skin is kept taut so it can’t crease or wrinkle, while the healing properties of the medical grade silicone create hydration, moisture and bring blood flow to the surface of the skin, which can help to stimulate collagen. Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Eye Pads work while you sleep to relieve and visibly soften wrinkles, so you wake up looking refreshed and ready to start each day with confidence.

100% Medical Grade Silicone | Reusable approx 30 uses (10 uses per pair) | Hypoallergenic | For Wrinkles, Stretch Marks & Scarring



A powerful blend of wrinkle-fighting anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, designed to plump wrinkles and treat fine lines on your face, neck and decolletage.

While the collection of ingredients is what delivers compelling results to your skin, four key ingredients have been hand selected to form, tighten and rejuvenate:

Reverses the signs of UV damage

Willow Bark
Natural ingredient that removes old and dead skin cells

Instant skin-tightening effect

Vitamin B3
Reduces signs of aging, decreases redness, dryness and flakiness



It has been specially formulated to clean your reusable Silicone Pads – prolonging their life to give you wrinkle-relieving sweet dreams again and again (and again). Our Silicone Pads use an adhesive to hold them in place on your skin while you sleep and that means a build-up of dead skin cells and dusk particles can occur. Don’t worry. Simply clean your Silicone Pads with Wrinkles Schminkles Cleaning Solution approximately once a week (or whenever required) and store your Silicone Pads as directed and you’ll be saying ‘schminkles’ to your wrinkles, easily and affordably.


Check out some of the before and afters.



TO ENTER: What Are Your Top Three Warm Weather Skin Concerns?

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  1. karaokeswan Says:

    My top 3 concerns are: Sun damage, loss of moisture and breakouts.

  2. wizardewu Says:

    Oily build-up, clogged pores and dry skin

  3. astonger Says:

    Dry skin, breakouts, and sunburn are my top three summer skin concerns.

  4. 1AlwaysNYC1 Says:

    I only have one warm weather concern and that’s sun damage. I always wear SPF on my face but I often forget about the rest of my body.

  5. OneWoman Says:

    I live in a really hot, dry area, so dry skin and keeping moisturized are important. Plus, I turned 46 last week, so there’s time/age working against me.
    And, I got really, really sick last summer…burst appendix. Ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. They wouldn’t let me eat anything because I kept having to have surgeries (3 times), so I lost 20 lbs. in 14 days, and it destroyed my face. I lost all my fat pads, and my face fell. 🙁
    I would love to try this. Thank you for the chance! =)

  6. tamaraben Says:

    My Top Three Warm Weather Skin Concerns are enlarged pores, breakouts and sun damage.

  7. mjcranford Says:

    I have Rosacea which is worse in the summer heat. My second concern is my melted makeup after 5 minutes outside! My third concern is breakouts due to sweat.

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