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Created over 20 years ago by World Hair Styling Champion Marc Anthony to deliver premium quality True Professional products worldwide. Today the Marc Anthony Professional Styling Team continues the mission of innovation, trends and the guarantee that each product must deliver superior results to be worthy of the seal “Salon Created-Salon Approved.”

Visit marcanthony.com for more info.


ONE lucky winner will WIN the following set:

Strengthening Grow Long Volumizing Dry Shampoo Foam

Perfect for second, third, or even fourth day hair (we won’t tell), this fast-drying, cleansing foam removes excess oil, buildup and odor. Strengthening Grow Long Volumizing Dry Shampoo’s formula – with a light, airy, whipped texture – leaves your hair feeling freshly cleansed and refreshed with extra volume. Infused with caffeine and ginseng extract, this unique foam transforms greasy, weighed down hair into beautifully cleansed, fuller hair with shine.

The foam formula uses rice starch – which provides greater absorption than other starches –distributes evenly through the hair to help achieve consistent volume throughout. Perfect for longer hair that tends to carry a lot of weight!


Strengthening Grow Long Volumizing Texture Spray
For a “woke up like this” tousled and textured look, this Strengthening Grow Long Volumizing Texture Spray delivers volume and texture with a modern matte finish, after just a quick spray.

Achieve the ultimate undone style with this caffeine and ginseng extract formula. The lightweight spray offers conditioning and texture at once, keeping hair in peak condition as you style – perfect for those trying to maintain a healthy, long mane.
The absorbing elements in the mineral Silica help to diminish light reflection giving it a matte vibe, while Zeolites (molecules that act like empty cages trapping hair pollutants) remove any grease and dirt.


Strictly Curls Perfect Curl 7-In-1 Treatment Foam
This innovative, all-in-one product treats your hair as you style to provide curls with the nourishment and moisture needed for perfect definition and softness. Strictly Curls Perfect Curl 7-in-1 Treatment Foam’s unique light and airy formula, with shea butter, Vitamin E and silk amino acids, adds hydration and conditioning while providing flexible long-lasting definition and hold without weighing curls down.
The multi-benefit treatment addresses 7 different curl concerns, allowing users to receive multiple benefits from just one styling product – making this truly the only product needed to achieve soft, shiny, frizz-free curls.
Delivers 7 Benefits:
• Eliminates frizz
• Defines curls with flexible hold
• Moisturizes
• Detangles
• Helps reduce breakage
• Softens
• Adds Shine

Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Conditioner

While dry shampoo controls grease and dirt, Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Conditioner combats the loss of moisture you experience on the second or third day around.

Hydrate and revive your second-day mane without wetting your hair. Perfect for curly, straight or wavy hair this ultra-lightweight, fast-drying spray offers extra conditioning, moisture and revives dry ends in an instant; a time-saving must for the girl on-the-go.
Made with Vitamin E and abyssinica seed oil this dry conditioner is weightless and non-greasy. Abyssinica seed oil leaves hair manageable so there’s is less breakage with each touch or brush stroke. Its ability to wrap itself around each hair strand reduces tangles and snags allowing hair to remain soft and strong with high-volume shine. Plus, the formula is completely clear and can be used on any hair color or type.


Sleek & Straight Smoothing Cocktail: Smoothing Cream + Glossing Lotion
Some days your hair needs frizz-taming control, while other days you just need a boost of shine. Sleek & Straight Smoothing Cocktail is formulated for those who want sleek locks with megawatt shine daily. This Styling Cocktail lets you customize your blend, so every day is a good hair day.

The Smoothing Cream formula utilizes the goodness of sweet almond oil and hydrolyzed keratin. By hydrolyzing the keratin, it becomes small enough to get inside the cracks in the cuticle where it’s most beneficial to hair. Its then able to remove unwanted frizz, while almond oil provides hair with a silky finish. The Glossing Lotion is full of emollients to keep hair in peak condition, giving it the shine it needs to achieve sleek sophistication.


Define & Defrizz Curl Cocktail: Defrizzing Lotion + Defining Cream
Curls require thoughtful layering of defrizzing and defining products to keep them perfectly in place – through the amount of each product layered can vary day to day. The Define & Defrizz Curl Cocktail makes styling easier than ever by combining curl essentials in one convenient tube, so you can dispense the perfect amount of each product every time you style.

The Defrizzing Lotion is a moisture-packed formula full of conditioning agents that help to retain moisture inside the hair. Blending shea butter with avocado oil helps this lotion to add the right amount of moisture inside the hair, exactly where it does the most frizz-fighting good.
The Defining Cream not only locks this moisture in your hair but utilizes a custom blend of copolymers to protect the hair by repelling outside moisture that can add frizz. Copolymers and binding ingredients also form and define curls by helping to shape the curves and swirls, offering flexible hold with shine.


Thick & Full Volume Cocktail: Volumizing Cream + Root Lift Soufflé
Flat, fine hair needs all-over fullness with an extra boost at the root. Some days the roots have a lift, but hair strands seem lank, while other days hair looks on-point but without any volume at the root. Thick & Full Volume Cocktail lets you decide what you need each time, so you get natural looking volume that lasts, no matter the type of hair day.

The Volumizing Cream offers extra fullness that gives hair a bit of sass. It uses the magic of copolymers to create fullness without stickiness or residue. The exclusive ingredient blend uses wrap-around technology that increases the diameter of each hair strand while it protects and conditions. The Root Lift Soufflé contains the same type of binding agent found in mascara (to create thick full lashes) to help thin hair transform to thicker, fuller looking hair.


Volume & Texture Beach Waves Cocktail: Volumizing Lotion + Texture Cream
Texture and volume are essential to creating bombshell beach waves! The Volume & Texture Beach Waves Cocktail helps you to achieve both without the drying effects of salt and damaging effects of the sun.

This dual-chamber offers separate but complementary formulas, letting you decide how much texture and how much volume you need.
The Volumizing Lotion is formulated with three hydrolyzed proteins: soy, wheat and corn. Hydrolyzing the proteins breaks them down so they can penetrate the cuticle, filling in its cracks to help improve shine and slow moisture loss. Volumizing copolymers help to suspend hair keeping it naturally in place while providing a protective shield.
The perfect mix of conditioners and copolymers in the Texture Cream helps to bend and shape hair to create a beach-worthy look, while coconut oil penetrates the cuticle helping to retain moisture and protect locks.



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  1. collifornia Says:

    A brush.. it’s faster.

  2. magentaruby1 Says:

    It depends on how I style my hair. When I style it straight, I’ll use a round brush to give the roots volume from my styling cream. My hair is also layered to allow it to curl in the summer. When I skip a day of washing, I’ll use a comb to adjust the cowlick that’s in the back of my head and to smooth my hair around the face. The comb is also used to put the styling cream through the ends and detangle my hair. Love this giveaway, thanks for the chance! #GorgeousGiveaway <3 <3

  3. karaokeswan Says:

    I cut my hair short last year, so now I use a comb. I only use a brush when I am blow drying my hair.

  4. Chloe Says:

    I use both – brush and comb.I’ve grown my hair longer over the past year and am experimenting with what I should do with my hair. Your products may be my answer to helping.Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.


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