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12-21-15 | Posted by

Nothing beats a great night’s sleep. It can refresh your looks, boost your energy and confidence, and reset your whole attitude. Getting some quality shut eye can also help you bring your A-game by day.

I am now into month #3 of sleeping on my Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid mattress with memory foam that helps me sleep at an ideal temperature and all the trimmings. Honestly, I can’t remember ever sleeping on anything else.

What I’ve learned from battling chronic insomnia is that you have to treat bedtime in a special way. Power down, take a warm bath, have a cup of chamomile tea with lemon and honey or pour yourself a glass of cabernet, spray your pillow with your favorite scent, lower the window shades, and get ready for a restful, blissful sleep experience.

Here are my 5 Bedtime Beauty Indulgences:

1.    Soothing Make-Up Remover Wipes–Taking off all of your makeup at night is a must! A good makeup remover is key to avoid waking up with puffy raccoon eyes.
2.    Luxe Sleep Mask – A quality sleep mask is worth the splurge. It is the perfect way for the ultimate spa girl to de-stress and soothe her skin.
3.    Hydrating Lip Balm – As temperatures start to drop we have to be even more diligent to moisturize our skin and lips. Having a hydrating lip balm on your bedside table helps to avoid cracking and peeling.
4.    Nourishing Hand Cream – To combat dry winter skin, rub your favorite soothing hand cream on every night at bedtime – the richer the better.
5.    Scented Candle – Nothing gets me ready for bed quite like lighting a lovely fragrant candle. Try lavender and rosemary for the ultimate in relaxation.

But even the most glam rituals can’t overcome a sagging mattress and box spring that are wimpy and too soft. Undoubtedly, the most important component of your nighttime routine is having a bed that welcomes you with smooth linens, a warm duvet, fluffy pillows, soft lighting, and just the right mattress. Let’s face it ladies – if your mattress isn’t working for you, a good night’s sleep may never be a reality.

Change your sleep, change your dreams, change your life. Get Your Beautyrest!

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A Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid mattress was provided to me from Simmons free of charge. Opinions are my own and additional products used in the project were selected by me.




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