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06-22-18 | Posted by

If your ABCs of footwear are Alaia, Choo, and Blahnik, you need to have a great podiatrist on speed dial. An addiction to high heels can lead to bunions, hammertoes, corns and various other issues that can cause agonizing pain. New York City’s Dr. Krista Archer with a discreet little clinic on Fifth Avenue is my “sole” sister.

More than just a go-to doctor for foot pain, nasty calluses and corns, a top-notch podiatrist should take a holistic approach to your feet’s overall wellness and appearance.  Dr. Archer is also a podiatric surgeon who prides herself on promoting a healthy lifestyle that takes your feet into account, as well as her meticulous medical pedicures and treatments. She preaches essential regular maintenance, which is why she created her own all-natural foot-care product line, which is oh-so-appropriately called ARCH.


If you tend to neglect your feet during cold-weather months when they’re tucked away in socks and boots, by summertime is your feet come out of hibernation and many of us go straight to her office. Dr. Archer emphasizes that while looks may be important, the health of your feet should be at the top of your priority list.

“Many women and men think they can just buff, trim and clip away hard calluses, cracked skin and nail issues, but these small, pesky concerns can turn into very serious problems for our feet if not treated properly,” she says. Dr. Archer was one of the first podiatrists to use injectable Sculptra Aesthetic  to stimulate neocollagenesis in the soles of the feet. Over the years, your soft tissue padding rubs down and you can feel every cobblestone, sidewalk crack and hardwood flooring as you walk. Sculptra helps restore some of that natural padding that is lost.

Dr. Archer’s 5 Musts for Healthy, Pretty Feet

  1. Make exfoliation a priority
    We can basically all agree that one of the biggest foot concerns is dead skin. “The first essential step for smooth, beautiful feet is eliminating the dry, dead skin that builds up daily with regular exfoliation. Dr. Archer formulated ARCH Sole Savour Scrub with several key ingredients, including finely-milled pumice granules, rosehip powder and a unique blend of essential oils. It gently buffs away dead skin, nourishes the skin and reduces bacteria. Tough enough but not too harsh, it can also be used on knees, elbows and for removing any lingering spray tan you used to get your faux glow on this winter.
  2. Be nice to your nails
    Dry, brittle toenails are extremely common, especially for those of us who would never be caught dead without a pedicure. Dr. Archer’s ARCH Sole Savour Nail Oil nourishes both the nails and their cuticles, which are a focal point of the feet. Although no one likes to talk about nail fungus, it’s an all too common problem—and this treatment’s blend of clean ingredients includes tea tree oil which acts as a natural antiseptic to keep both fungus and bacteria at bay.
  3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
    Hydration plays a vital role in keeping the feet smooth and soft. “We spend so much time (and money) on our facial and body skincare routine,” says Dr. Archer, “There is no reason to neglect the skin on your feet.” Her ARCH Sole Savour Creme contains a restorative, healing blend of ingredients minus the sulfates, parabens or fragrances, to soothe dry, cracking skin—and it can be used to improve scars, bumpy backs of the arms and other super-dry spots.
  4. Up your foot-care ante with a balm
    When preparing to bare your soles, try her signature ARCH Sole Savour Balm. Formulated with therapeutic calendula, comfrey, organic hemp seed oil (which is rich in essential fatty acids) and a bevy of essential oils, apply your Sole Savour Cream, top with this incredibly rich balm and slip into a pair of socks to help smooth skin texture while soothing aches and irritation.
  5. Treat your feet to a peel
    For truly baby-soft skin, treat your feet to a spa break. In just 30 minutes, Dr. Archer’s all-natural glycolic acid and fruit enzyme in-office treatment eliminates stubborn roughness and calluses caused by years of being on your toes—and when paired with a medical pedicure that addresses your unique issues and concerns, you’ll want to pick up a new pair of strippy sandals on our way home so you can show off your gorgeous, rejuvenated feet!

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