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Posted by 03.02.09


OLAY PRO X AGE REPAIR LOTION SPF30 – When a package of Olay Pro X arrived on my desk in the eye catching red and white boxes, I did a double take. Almost $50 for an Olay product is unprecedented so this must be something special. For anyone who knows me, there are 3 things I really hate when it comes to anti-aging creams: 1) rich, thick, heavy creams that just lay on your skin and clog pores, 2) second rate packaging that malfunctions like pumps that get clogged or dole out too much product at a time, and 3) bogus overpriced moisturizers based on fluffy technology with celebrity endorsements instead of science. I can assure you Pro X is none of these. The lotion is creamy and pleasant, not over fragranced for anyone who doesnt like scented products. SPF30 makes me very happy so that I know my skin is well protected for normal daily use. The pump is giant sized – 75ml or 2.5 ounces – so you get enough to last you a while and you won’t feel guilty actually using the right amount to work wonders on your skin. It is non-greasy, absorbs fast and doesn’t leave a sticky residue (another pet peeve of mine), yet richly textured and aesthetically pleasing. The formulation is loaded with niacinamide (vitamin B), peptides, antioxidants, and avobenzone for broad spectrum SPF protection. In short, I can find absolutely nothing wrong with this product at all. It is a home run! Bravo Olay!

NOTE: I doled out the other products in the range to my BEAUTYINTHEBAG comrades for their independent reviews, so stay tuned to see what the Bag Ladies thought.

FINAL VERDICT - RDW (RUN DONT WALK) – I would rate this right up there with any premium brand daytime lotion with an SPF for quality, packaging, texture, look and feel. If you shop around online, you can get great deals on this range too. For example, $41.50 at target.com, free shipping with $50 purchase or more, etc.

3 Responses to “SPF30 IS THE NEW 15”

  1. faysface Says:

    I tried the hydra firming cream and its fantastic too! Really nice texture and leaves my skin so smooth.

  2. needitbad Says:

    is this better than regenerist? it costs a lot more

  3. SPF30 IS THE NEW 15 Beauty In The Bag What In Your Bag | Best Eye Cream Says:

    […] SPF30 IS THE NEW 15 Beauty In The Bag What In Your Bag Posted by root 2 hours 45 minutes ago (http://www.beautyinthebag.com) Mar 2 2009 i tried the hydra firming cream and its fantastic too proudly powered by wordpress design amp development by nicasio llc Discuss  |  Bury |  News | SPF30 IS THE NEW 15 Beauty In The Bag What In Your Bag […]

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