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08-01-18 | Posted by

Surprisingly, with the vast array of skin cleansing tools, cloths, gels and creams around, most of us don’t cleanse properly. You may be leaving a layer of grime on your skin before going to bed without even knowing it.

In honor of National #CleanseYourSkin Week, Beautyinthebag is giving away one gorgeous skin-expert approved cleanser every day from August 1 – August 7.

5 cleansing tips for healthy skin:

  • You’ve heard it before, but cleanse your skin and remove all traces of makeup and eye makeup before bed time.
  • Don’t reuse disposable wipes. They are labeled “single-use” for a reason.
  • Lots of lather doesn’t mean a cleanser is good for your skin or that it’s actually cleansing more thoroughly.
  • Switch your skin cleansing routine and formula to match the season. Skin tends too get dirtier when temperatures rise from sweating.
  • Washcloths can cause breakouts and flushing if you rub too hard or they are not washed well – and they are not meant to be shared.

Each #GorgeousGiveaway will go live at 6:00 AM EST every morning and will end at 11:00 PM EST of the same day.  For rules and how to enter, click on the Gorgeous Giveaway.

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