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The word lavender comes from the Latin root lavare, which means “to wash,” but it’s renowned for its distinctive fragrance, which comes from pressing the essential oil from its violet flower. Since ancient times, it has been used in baths to help purify the body and spirit, as well as a remedy for insomnia and anxiety, depression and fatigue. Research has confirmed that lavender produces a calming, soothing, and sedative effect when its scent is inhaled. Today you can find this wonderful scent in soaps, shampoos, sachets and beauty products, like those listed below. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about lavender and how it can bring you serenity and a good night’s sleep.


Photo Credit: crabtree&evelyn.com

Crabtree & Evelyn have cornered the market with their fragrant Lavender Hand & Body Lotions. Their signature look found in many malls is easily recognizable and their products are made with pure lavender oil from the English countryside. The clean refreshing scent and easily absorbed creamy texture make this a winner. $12.75 at www.crabtree&evelyn.com.


Photo Credit: bathandbodyworks.com

My personal favorite is Bath & Body Words Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla – Sleep – Body Lotion. I use it after my evening shower and bask in the delicious scent while I read. Then off I drift, calm and relaxed, enveloped in the delicious blend of vanilla and lavender. $15 at Bath & Body Works nationwide. Watch for buy 2 and get 1 free special promos.


Photo Credit: amazon.com

Enjoy the lovely scent of Yardley of London’s English Lavender Moisturizing Soap with Essential Oils. Made with natural moisturizers to soften and protect the skin, it comes in a convenient pack of four. $8.48 at www.Amazon.com.


Photo Credit: amazon.com

This holiday season – or for any occasion – give an Art of Appreciation Gift Basket made with Tranquil Delights Lavender Spa Bath and Body items. It’s the perfect gift comprised of a lavender-scented trio of cleansing bath gel, moisturizing lotion and sisal loofah to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. $31.44 at www.Amazon.com.


Photo Credit: localharvest.org

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with the Lavender Sleep Mask. It protects your eyes from sleep-distracting light while you enjoy the relaxing and soothing aroma of the lavender buds which fill the mask. They come in a variety of colors and prints. $8 at www.localharvest.org.


Photo Credit: amazon.com

Wash up with Nature’s Intent French Lavender Hand Wash and Hand Lotion Set. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend. The convenient white coated wire hoop makes it easy to carry and the moisturizing lotion is infused with the luxurious scent of French lavender. You’ll have the cleanest and the best-smelling hands in town. $7.69 at www. Amazon.com.


Photo Credit: sephora.com

L’Occitane’s Lavender Harvest Foaming Bath softens and soothes the skin as you soak away your troubles. This rich, relaxing bubble bath is enriched with A.O.C. lavender essential oil in a gentle vegetable cleansing base to help you get a good night’s sleep when daily stress has you wound too tight. $32 at www.Sephora.com.


Photo Credit: dermstore.com

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant is the natural way to keep underarm odors under control. Essential oils from lavender and vanilla neutralize free radicals to defend against the pee-U factor while nourishing skin. Made with comforting Spanish lavender and violet leaf, this natural deodorant contains no harsh chemicals. $18at www.dermstore.com.


Photo Credit: jnj.com

Wash away stress with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo with Calming Lavender. Use it for baby, too! It rinses easily leaving hair soft, shiny and smelling wonderfully fresh. It’s gentle on eyes and enriched with lavender and chamomile for soothing relaxation. $11 nationwide.


Photo Credit: www.EO.com

If you’re still knotted up, try EO’s French Lavender Detangler Spray. This lavender-scented spray tames and nurtures even the most unruly locks and restores each strand to optimal health. Simply spray into hair working from the roots to the ends to detangle and restore the suppleness of your tresses. $11 at www.EO.com.


Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner is enriched by the calming and soothing properties of lavender. The creamy conditioner promotes healthy hair growth and works exceptionally well on dry or damaged hair to create body and volume. Use as a leave-in conditioner to aid in follicle restoration. 6 oz. bottle $18 at www.chazdean.com.


Photo Credit: amazon.com

Pure Organics Lavender Body Mist contains no artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. Made inAmerica, this refreshing organic body mist is lightly scented to leave skin radiant and glowing. Pure Organics is paraben and petroleum-free. $12 at www.Amazon.com.




  1. skinblossom Says:

    Lavender is a great essential oil, smells beautiful, good for skin and hair, and really relaxing and soothing…

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