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10-29-13 | Posted by

We’ve all heard of Curious George, but what about Clean George? This new playful company, created by two moms, offers portable stick solutions to some of life’s daily challenges like dry patches and boo boos. Think soothing multi-use skincare balm sticks that you can toss in a bag.

Take Clean George Skin for example. This head-to-toe moisturizing balm can quench dry skin, soften cuticles, and even tame fly-aways. It contains soothing shea butter and beeswax, essential fatty acids, and vitamin C.

I personally was drawn to Clean George Chill Out, a lavender scented hydration balm. It contains Bulgarian lavender essential oil, thankfully nothing like English lavender, and one whiff gives a sense of calm as its shea butter, sunflower oil, and tea tree oil moisturize face or body. Try it on your temples for a quick chill out.

Clean George Stuffed Up, as the name implies, gives stuffy noses a reprieve with its blend of Australian eucalyptus, camphor and peppermint. The base includes the same moisturizing blend as the other sticks, so feel free to rub these balm on your little one’s chest or back for natural congestion relief.

Speaking of little ones, Clean George Boo Boos and Bites is formulated with andiroba, an anti-inflammatory oil extracted from a type of mahogany tree, copaiba, another anti-inflammatory oil derived from a South American tree, tea tree oil, known for its infection fighting benefits, and ylang ylang oil. Apply to scrapes and bites with just a swipe.

For more information about this portable, soothing cuties, visit: cleangeorge.com.

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