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Photo Credit: www.sweetspotlabs.com

Posted by 03.12.11

PRODUCT: SweetSpot

The first time I noticed the SweetSpot Labs product line was on a visit to a legendary Chicago waxer, widely known for her speed and skill working below the belt.  Before setting to work on my girl parts, she jovially handed me a little package of wipettes and gave me a moment to prepare myself.  This was no Cottonelle.  The beautifully designed package boasted a gently formulated refresher, alcohol-free and pH balanced.  The SweetSpot line is available unscented or in basil grapefruit, citrus galbanum and geranium lavender.  Why not?  We spend a small fortune on every other inch of our bodies, certainly our proverbial sweet spots deserve a little TLC.

I forgot about SweetSpot for some time until I recently spied a product display in a local beauty boutique.  I picked up a bottle of the geranium lavender gentle wash ($12).  I put it in the master bath and heard the predictable giggles when my husband spotted it.  It's a nice product, as mild as promised, a little special something for my special something.  I thought I was a SweetSpot devotee until one shower when I paused to read the label, which is how I pass the time while deep conditioning my hair.  Mixed in with all of the good natural ingredients, I noticed methylparaben, propylparaben, Yellow 5 and Red.  While I try to avoid parabens and dyes wherever possible, I'm not a hardliner.  But seriously?  The thought of putting those controversial substances directly onto my baby-maker? Meh.  I won't be buying any more SweetSpot for mine.



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