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08-25-12 | Posted by

Solta Medical, Inc. has joined forces with SkinCeuticals in an effort to cut down on recovery time following a Clear + Brilliant® laser treatment. Patients who used SkinCeuticals’ C E Ferulic® antioxidant serum as an at-home follow up to a Clear + Brilliant® session perceived a 29% reduction in recovery time, including redness, swelling and heat sensation, according to clinical research presented at the 32nd American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) Annual Conference last April.

To celebrate the study, Solta and SkinCeuticals have created a promotion whereby Clear + Brilliant® patients will receive a home recovery care system that features C E Ferulic® antioxidant.

Based on Fraxel technology, Clear + Brilliant® works to improve skin tone, texture, radiance and tone and it reduces the appearance of pores with minimal downtime. The study conducted with SkinCeuticals used the new Solta handpiece called Perméa during the Clear + Brilliant® treatment.

“Born of our expertise in fractional lasers, Clear + Brilliant has become the go-to product for physicians who want to give their patients the benefits of a fractional resurfacing treatment with limited recovery time. Adding the new Perméa handpiece to the Clear + Brilliant laser system and including C E Ferulic in the treatment regimen serve to bring additional benefits to patients who are seeking an effective in-office and at-home treatment,” stated Stephen J. Fanning, president and CEO of Solta Medical, Inc.

In the study, combining C E Ferulic® with the Clear + Brilliant® treatment cut down post-treatment recovery time by as much as 2 days. It also improved the signs of aging, including fine lines, discoloration, firmness and elasticity. In addition, patients reported improved skin texture, tone and radiance as well as overall appearance.

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