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06-09-12 | Posted by

Soleil Organique is putting real action behind its commitment to sun protection and America. The naturally-based sun and skincare company has donated 10,000 SPF 45 sunscreen sticks to Operation Gratitude in support of military troops stationed in the Middle East and other locations around the world.

“UV damage is a serious health concern and is the last thing any soldier should have to contend with,” stated Valerie McMurray, founder and CEO of Soleil Organique.

Temperatures in Afghanistan can reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and the potential for UV damage and possible sun cancer is just as real for soldiers stationed there as for those sunbathing under the Florida sun. President Barack Obama and other world leaders have recently discussed a goal of withdrawing combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. It’s great to have a deadline in sight, but the risk of UV damage exists now, McMurray said. “The possibility of these service people developing some form of skin cancer is very real. We think it’s important to reach out and help reduce their risk.”

Soleil Organique offers a range of 100% mineral sunscreens for the face and body. They feature broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays and contain titanium dioxide, a non-penetrating physical sunblock.

Volunteer organization Operation Gratitude annually sends 100,000 care packages filled with snacks, entertainment items and personal products to U.S. service members deployed in hostile regions.

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