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Posted by 03.31.10

PHOTO CREDIT: lotsnpots.com

LOTIONS & POTIONS LIP SMOOTHIE VEGAN & ORGANIC LIP GLOSS – A tiny tin packed with scented gloss takes me back to my childhood like nothing else; I had to rack my brain and the web to remember the brand of those late 70s glosses (Lip Lickers!).  This Lip Smoothie gloss is a decidedly twenty-first century take on a vintage favorite.  Instead of heavy artificial fragrance and goopy gloss, Lotions & Potions delivers an organic, handmade, cruelty-free, extra-light formula with just a touch of sheen that leaves lips looking and feeling fantastic.  It also delivers the holy grail of gloss… my hair doesn’t get stuck in it.

The list of ingredients is literally good enough to eat: organic grapeseed oil, organic avocado oil, soy wax, vitamin E, organic shea butter and organic essential oils.  The flavors are definitely more sophisticated than their disco-era precursors.  I am hooked on Coconut Lemongrass and can’t wait to try Green Tea and Peppermint, Spearmint, Clementine, and White Grapefruit.

FINAL VERDICT – RDW (RUN DON’T WALK) – Love, love, love.  At $5 a tin, Lip Smoothie gloss is an affordable, eco-friendly luxury, and you can feel great about supporting Lotions & Potions.  The fun, ethical Chicago company makes green products that are deserving of their burgeoning cult following.  The Rosemary Mint Foaming Handsoap recently garnered praise as one of Allure Magazine’s “Best Underground Beauty Products” and Lotions & Potions has felt the love from Daily Candy, so the proverbial cat is out of the bag and this is definitely a brand to watch.  There’s no shortage of wonderful products for face, body, kids, and home available on the Lotions & Potions site, where a $25 purchase (it’s not hard) will get you free shipping.



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