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Posted by 03.03.09


eos Shave Cream – I used to spend tons of money on shaving cream.  Kiehls and other high end brands.  Then one day I needed shaving cream while I was up at my cottage.  You can imagine cottage country is not exactly the place to find high end beauty products!  I went into a chain drug store and just picked up something cheap that caught my eye.  It was eos.  I am now hooked.  I don’t think this stuff costs more than $4-5, and I love it.  My favourite fragrance is Vanilla Bliss.  I will never go back to “fancy” shaving cream again. 


As an aside, for those of you that may be in the position that they have to purchase shaving cream for their male partners, my husband swears by a higher end brand – Mario Badescu.  He uses the pre-shave conditioner and shaving cream and (now) has little issue with ingrown hairs.  My 6’3” “hockey playing” husband is now a product queen!


FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BAIL OUT BEAUTY) – This great and cheap shaving cream will allow you to splurge on stuff that really matters.

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  1. MMM Says:

    Fancy Schmancy – that’s my motto for this year…P.S. Your hubby sounds like a MAJOR HOTTIE. LOL

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