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09-03-12 | Posted by

For those of you that thought you needed longer legs, bigger boobs or less wrinkles to attract your dream man, you’ll be pleased to know that these features are not top of a British man’s tick list!

BITB has found that various studies carried out lately in the UK, have all shown that your smile plays an important role in attracting an ideal partner. Let’s face it, for millions of UK singletons, any help in the dating game will be most welcome. It seems that in the UK, teeth are comparable to a peacock’s tail or bird’s song in the attraction-stakes. They signify good health and a genetic superiority, which is imperative when humans choose a mate – if only on a subconscious level for some.

A new UK survey carried out by YouGov in conjunction with The London Smile Clinic, revealed today that it’s actually good teeth that hold the power to attract an ideal partner more than any other physical attribute!

When asked what features they look for most in an ideal partner 72%* of British men said a nice smile and surprisingly, only 49% said a good physique. Great news for the gym-shy.

But it appears that these men are pretty unforgiving when it comes to your breath even if you’ve got a dream smile. The battle’s not won once you’ve managed to secure that all-important romantic dinner date because a massive 70% of men would decline a second rendezvous if their date had bad breath.

So, we’ve established that teeth are the most desired featured amongst single men but another study has attempted to explain further. Researchers from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire, England, took a collection of pictures of models and digitally changed the colour and spacing of their teeth.

They altered the colour of teeth in some images to yellow, some to a healthy white and others bright white, plus gaps were digitally added in between some of the models’ teeth. These altered images were then showed to 150 young men and women who were asked to rate how attractive they found the models. Perhaps unsurprisingly, results showed that the models that had the yellowest and/or most widely spaced teeth were picked to be the least attractive out of all models shown.

More importantly however the study showed that how a woman’s teeth looked was particularly important. “When males are looking at females and when females are looking at females, there is quite a strong effect. Males are thinking about attraction and females are in competition with each other. Women’s teeth are used to help judge her age and provide a guide to how far she is from the menopause. They can also contain clues to childhood illnesses, diet and some genetic disorder,” said Leeds University psychologist Colin Hendrie.

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith from the London Smile Clinic added, “When opting to whiten your teeth remember to keep it natural. The perception of the perfect smile has considerably changed in recent years… gone are the days when patients ask me for a beaming white Hollywood smile—this is no longer considered the ‘perfect smile’ Patients want natural-looking teeth. A ‘perfect’ smile is one that is clean and healthy with bright and natural teeth.”

So ladies, if you thought you knew how to attract your dream man, think again, and make an appointment with the dentist for a good hygienist clean and a spot of real-whitening.

Love from London

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